We Isolate No-one


WIN believes that kids should be empowered to stop bullying and build more compassionate communities in their schools. We will accomplish this important task in two ways:

1) National Anti-Bullying Hotline

Our national anti-bullying hotline provides kids from any public or private school in America a resource through which they can report bullying, abuse, or isolation of kids in schools. Trained crisis responders will take the calls and document the concerns. WIN staff then provides notice to the principal or administrator and gives the school 7 days to respond with confirmation that the issue has been resolved. If they do not resolve the issue or confirm resolution, the matter is forward to attorneys so that the students' due process rights can be protected.

2) WIN Chapters in Schools Across America

State chapter Presidents will be responsible for working with WIN staff to help support the creation of WIN chapters across the United States. WIN chapters in schools will encourage community building and help teach and train kids to help others who may feel bullied or isolated.

This is a problem in every school, and every kid sees it or knows it is happening. Kids have the opportunity and the responsibility to build better communities, but they must be empowered to do so. WIN will empower our youth to make changes in their schools which very well may save lives.

Join us? Consider volunteering, perhaps as a state chapter President? If you are interested, please fill out this application!

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